Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Ghost Face in the Compass

Hello everyone! Well, how did your weekend treat you? Good, I hope! I was invited to a wee birthday get together and had a lovely night. Or so I was told. At the party, I proceeded to jolly well get sauced, and at closing time demanded everybody march into the big bad city centre, only for me to show everybody, out in the street, how to moonwalk. I also had the most fantastic idea that all the girls in the street swapped shoes with strangers. I am now the very proud owner of some Reebok trainers, and someone has my shoes with the broken strap. Face book is not my friend. Horrendous evidence. So, am am a wee bit fragile today so I will have to whisper this post. Shhhh! I can hear you thinking what a fool I am!

Now I have to tell you a ghostly tale!

I found this beautiful sundial and compass in a wee trinket shop, where hidden treasure is to found. Oh, I fell in love with it and was amazed to find how inexpensive it was and snapped it up like lightening. I showed it to Big fella and we ohhh and ahhhhed at it. (Actually only me doing that, ended up big fella had a cramp)

I could not wait to take photos of it and oh and ah a bit more. I clicked away and had some nice photos. I made big fella a cuppa and I settled down to look at what I had taken on the camera. Then one photo made me do a double take.

Can you see the mans face in the right hand side of the compass? Here is a closer look.

and here he is again!

Even big fella was amazed when I showed him the camera, which is a first, nothing fazes that man. Expect for the World Cup, but I am not allowed to speak of it. We checked to see if we could see it with the naked eye, but nothing. Maybe the trick of the light, but there are quite a few more pictures and they are all taken at different angles and the mans face remains!

I happened to glance out the window as big fella looked for him and saw this amazing sunset.

I am sorry, I am not very good at ghost stories. After that time I told the most inappropriate ones, like to three year old and scared the life out of them, I don't really bother these days.
But I do love my compass and the face just adds to its mystic!
I think it is beautiful and will treasure it always.
As long as the man doesn't come to get us in our sleep, like Big fella said.

You may be wondering why I have taken so many pictures of a compass and maps and the like.
It is because I have started making collections for my photo cards and one of the themes is pirates!

I have been a busy bee and everything is starting to move so quickly, shops would like samples, I am getting enquiry's and I am freaking out a bit! Good freaking out a bit. And Bad!

I am just going to go with the flow and see what happens!

But one thing I have done is the cards for the giveaway! I can not wait for the big day! So much fun! but alas blogger and me are still at war over my template (columns missing) and blogger is winning! Bah!
All the best!


Cindy said...

I love it, on the left of the compass it looks like there is a picture of Santa Claus, I have not been sipping any sauce. glad you are doing so well and business is taking off. take care, have a great week,hugs

Celia said...

It took me a few times of looking at the pictures before I saw it.....but I SEE it......I see the man's face! That is kinda creepy.....and neat all at the same time!

Unknown said...

Oh, I just love that compass. It's beautiful. I must say, I have been looking at it for 10 minutes and I can't see the mans face, but I did see a shape of a unicorn.
Kidding. Sounds like you had a ball trading shoes with strangers. I think I would have fun partying with you.
And the world cup, I loved it. Sorry about England and all.

Judy said...

These will make great pirate photo cards...Love the compass...

Dede said...

The compass is a gorgeous find! I too see the man's face! Congratulations on getting your cards out there! Been a long time coming, but it is happening for you now.


Sarah Sullivan said...

Oh my I looove it...I love nautical things..all things pirate..did you see my kiddo picture on the letfly blog. So was a lady pirate in a past life. ARrrrrrrggggg ;)
Wow hon...I am so beyond thrilled about the artcards...whoo hoo am happy dancin!!!!
Hugs to you hon, Sarah

Petunia said...

My son and I looked at the compass for a bit until he saw the face. Any ghost story always brings him round! What a wonderfuly fascinating compass. I wonder what stories it has to tell. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed my stumble over here. Have a great weekend.