Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Blogging in a public library is awkward.

I can tell you why too. Because a little boy is reading everything I am typing over my shoulder. Go back to your own computer. Thank you. Ah, he has stopped looking, he must have just read this. Well, its a hard knock life with our wee trusty laptop.She's intensive care, (repair shop) and it is not looking good, for the price we are paying we might as well get a new one. (Keeping the receipt for insurance this time too, Yikes!) Gawd, I miss ya's! I have began watching TV again, and Big fella and I will sit there like lumpy rice puddings staring at a screen all day. No good. So I pulled up my socks and decided to go out and use my public library for Internet access to see you guys and say hello! I toddled in and was dismayed to find the place packed with people (schoolkids) on computers and no free ones to hand. So I decided to go have a nosy at some of the books and I went to one of my favourite spots, the children's section. the reason this is my favourite spot is because it is welcoming and and colourful and with so many amazing books with gorgeous illustrations and wonderful simple words to conjure up the imagination into fairy tales! In uni, you have to read lots of text and it was hard you know, I like pictures.

Any way the world has gone back to some normality in this household as the World cup is now over for England. Big fella was devastated and I wiped his tears and made him copious amount of tea to calm him. He is beginning to gain the power of speech back too, so things are good. Thank you all for all comments on my Mad hatter tea party, to be honest, I did not even get to spell check before the computer broke so thanks for putting up with it. As for the giveaway, it is so on! It is just a wee bit complicated with no computer and all that. But I had been saved by my dear friend who is letting me use her computer all day no less, tomorrow so I will put a official start on it then. I might even make a wee button for it. But lets not get carried away now! Well i better go , they are switching the lights off in the library so i think it is time to leave, so sorry I have no been in touch, but I have been reading! See you tomorrow for some giveaway madness! With pictures! Gasp!

All the best!

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

England has lots of company in the Crying Towel section of the World Cup! Condolences to the Big Fella.