Saturday, 13 February 2010

May I celebrate Valentine's Day with you?

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to say a huge thank you for all your kind wishes and support in my last post, but unfortunately I did not get the job. I am disappointed, but only with myself.But the other lady who did, deserves the role greatly and she told me the next day of terrible financial troubles and this job would help with her woes and stress, which is all the better.
I am a believer in the fate card and I have another paths to walk down in life. I will just have to pick myself back up and dust myself off and carry on. Other opportunities will arise and I will keep searching. All is well.

Well that dreaded day for some has arrived. Valentine's day, or as big fella puts it, " Another commerical excuse to throw money away!" Oh, you old romantic you! I got him a present and card anyway, i would feel bad.
Big fella is not the best at being romantic, but the love is there no less, I know that and that's all that matters to me. I will make him pancakes and good java coffee in the morning and he can have breakfast in bed tomorrow as he has to work all day. Don't tell him now, you will spoil the surprise.

I thought since big fella isn't around, I could maybe celebrate Valentine's day with you.

We could start the day by going for a whirl around a Ferris wheel and sail high above the skies!

and as the day is through we could seek the most beautiful sunset all hazy drowned in love

we can look for the first star in the sky

and wish on the moon and the stars for good luck and love in the up and coming year!

we could conjure up some love spells under the light of the moon and tell of past loves and one's that will stay in our heart's forever

and watch the potion work it's magic inside the bottle!
I hope you have a nice day whether you involve this date in your plans or not. I think I will go for a nice date with my camera somewhere romantic and take some snaps!

All the best and much love to you on Valentine's day!


Cindy said...

I would love to spend the day with you/ what gorgeous photos, I am glad our paths have crossed. much love to you. take care.

Dede said...

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's day!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Too bad about the job, but there will be other opportunities for you, I just know it!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Oh sweety so sorry about the job..something else will are a talented gal!! Big gentle hugs!
LOL I was really laughing when I read this are married to my Jim..LOL. Those were his exact words. I knew we were related somehow...LOL go read my post from today...giggle!!
Love you hon, Sarah

Bridgett said...

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job...but I think it simply means there is something even more perfect for you on the horizon.

We didn't really do much for Valentine's Day, but it was nice, nevertheless. My hubby isn't terribly romantic either. LOL