Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Adventures to the Snow Roses

Big fella bought up a parcel for us that was placed outside our door. Inside was musical globe with a note:

(Please click to enlarge)

Ohhh! An adventure, on our own!
We looked at what I called the lady of the lake and wound up the musical box, and out came the beautiful song, Moon river!
Big fella was about to sing along when...
Something strange began to happen
ohhh, big fella stop singing, grab wee doggies note and stand back!

A huge beam of light filled the room in a big circle and Flash!
we were on a boat! We were on the moon river!
As we sailed along staring out to sea,singing Moon river of course, suddenly the sky rumbled and glowed

and the sun's reflection was making a big yellow moon in the water! (Ah, so that's why they call it moon river)We were getting closer and closer and the circle opened up! Oh, Oh, we are going to fall down the moon river! AHHHHHHHHH!

Suddenly we landed with a thump on the snow covered ground. " Oh no, there's nothing here!" Big fella moaned. Suddenly there was shaking and rumblings making us all wobbly,

and suddenly mountains and trees leaped up out of the ground, The land of Tir Eira was raising! The trees grow closer and the snow started rising up!
Trees sprouted up every where and in the distance we heard a roar.
Look ! The waves of the snow seas are coming!!
We ran as fast as we could clutching each others hands, but the waves were catching up!Whoooa!!!!
The snow waves puffed off our bodies and swept us away.

After trundling along on the waves it was not so frightening and big fella even let out the occasionally "WWeeeeeeeeee!" now and again. We came to a stop by a farm and some sheep. They slowly walked over. One sheep spoke out.
"My name is Defaid. It's Welsh for sheep, if you must ask.You have to play the ice chimes of Rhosyn, that's welsh for Rose, if you want to see her snow roses.
She's very fussy you see. She only likes the sweetest tones and no faffing about! You probably wouldn't know where the ice chimes of Rhosyn was now, would you? You probably would not know about Tom Jones the Great either! Baaaaaa!"

He was a mean old sheep, laughing as he walked away. Of course we know who Tom Jones is. We love Tom. But mean sheep underestimates big fella and my self as we love a challenge and after repeating to each other "Goonies never say Die!!" We went on the hunt. I went to the side of a barn and and was transfixed by the icicles..... .

I found the glass chimes! I asked big fella to do the honours as he has always wanted to be a rock star
He chose the largest ones and played the most beautiful tune with a stick. I was so proud of him i didn't realise we were suddenly........

here. Oh, well done big fella! We got through!

We crunched our feet under the snow as we walked the path and ahead, the Rhosyn Garden's.

But when we got there, the roses were gone!
Then the beautiful tones that big fella played on the glass chimes filled or ears and
the snow roses appeared! They slowly rose up

opened upand bloomed!

Beautiful snow roses everywhere!
I noticed the wee tree standing alone in the distance and that was how we got home.

He looked so lonely all by himself, I made him a snow angel so he would always have someone with him.The tree was so bursting with happiness, he grew really big, before our very eyes and we ran under the branches laughing

and just like that we were in our street back home.
We had a brilliant adventure, but we missed wee doggie of course! Now on to a new adventure. Who has a set of house keys?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You know, big fella is very lucky to get taken along with you on these wonderful adventures. I hope he realizes that. And wee doggie is a treasure!

Dede said...

Oh Claire, I love your adventures! Your pictures are fabulous! You really should be writing books for children.


Unknown said...

THAT was unbelievable. What a great story, and the photos, really impressive. The one of the moon on the river...and the snow waves...very very cool story. I enjoyed that.

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful - Thank you!

Rue said...

Another amazing adventure! Love the snow roses!

Lol - of course we know Tom Jones! Sassy sheep!

Glad you had a wonderful day!

the wild magnolia said...

Great picture, great story, great land, thanks for the journey.

victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

These are all the very beautiful and wonderful destinations which are all blessed by the nature's glory and are very great places for traveling as well.

Bridgett said...

Oooh...I want to ride the snow waves! :)

Looks like a delicious adventure. Take me next time, won't you?