Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lovely surprise!

Hello everyone! Well, today after another fun filled adventure with wee doggie, (more on that coming soon!) I settled down with a lovely cuppa and began preparations for the today's giveaway.

As I told big fella to get off the computer, wash his hands (I can be sooo Monica Geller at times) and do his part on the giveaway ceremony proceedings, he suddenly gasped at the computer screen.

"Halt the ceremony Claire. (I made him call it that.) We have a contender to the giveaway."

Nooooooooooo! Really?? Who?

It's Omi!!! Of course you can be in the giveaway! I missed you lady! Omi has the most fantastic humour in her art, you know the kind, a picture says a thousand words? Her wee character reminds a lot of me! Hair and all! Go over to her blog and have a good giggle, and say hi from me!!
In honour of Omi's comeback my giveaway will be tomorrow, so if you want to take part or have a extra chance to win, get cracking!

So glad to see Omi back and I will see you tomorrow for the grand ceremony. Hehehe!

All the best and take care now!


Anonymous said...

(Blush) Thank you so much Claire!! You wouldn't believe how touched I am! Gosh, I'd better get cracking with my next cartoon! Sorry to everyone for the giveaway hold-up but thanks for letting me play :o) Till tomorrow, then...

Ooo, I shan't sleep a wink!

Renee said...

Crossing my fingers for myself. har har


Dede said...

Will we get to have an adventure with the wee doggie tomorrow? Oh I hope so, I love your adventures!


Holly said...

Claire, I love the pictorial language you share with us here. And, your picture today was warm and welcoming and full of whimsy, and it made me smile. I wish we lived close so we could share a cuppa together and giggle. I know you and I would giggle were we together.

Renee said...

Oh Claire how I love you. Don't waste life energy on people you don't need too.


craftychick1221 said...

Hello Sweet Claire~
Poppin' in for a 'catch up'- as I have been a 'bad, bad, girl' and on a much needed cyber hibernation over the holidays.
(I jest- as I am a Blog when I want to- type of gal! What do they call that? A No-Obligation Blogger? Or just a busy Mama/ADD Artsy type. LOL)
Anywho Love- I was happy to read & catch up on your lovely stories- ESPECIALLY the Castle of The 9 Cats (I hope I have the title right! But regardless, the tale was well-written, the photos breathtaking, and the location memorable!)
I too, like Holly, wish so badly that we could be a bit closer to share a cuppa coffee(or tea if you prefer)and a good laugh.(And a fun time sketching and crafting it up!) But I would MUCH rather be where you are! Rather that here in LA- EXCEPT for our delightful weather and beautiful Pacific Ocean, of course. LOL

You take care, and have a wonderful day & week. OH- and Happy New Year & New Decade- May 2010 bring you much light, love & happiness. And the fufillment of your most wonderful dreams!

(Hugs)& >Pointy Toe Shoe Clicks<
~Danae, aka 'Crafty'

craftychick1221 said...

Also- I didn't read about your giveaway- and not sure of the entrance obligations... but if it is just a comment, may I please be entered as well?

If not- no biggie either- just thought I'd ask.

A wise man once told me.... "Closed mouths don't get fed." And I have found that to be true on more occaisions than I can count! Lol.

Bye Doll- enjoy your day.
~Danae, aka 'Crafty'

Bridgett said...

No problem! :)