Friday, 22 January 2010

King of the Oak Tree Adventure

A couple of days ago, Big fella and I thought we would go and visit wee doggie and thank him for the invitation to the Castle of the Cats in Belfast.
We had a cup of tea and he told us the story of the King of the Oak Trees with tales of dancing trees, the protectors of the oak and climbing the highest trees to get there. As wee doggie settled by the fire I blurted out

"Ohhh, can we go to see the King of the Oak Tree?"

"You are disturbing my siesta" he growled.
"Can we go on adventure with you today?" I asked.

"No! I am tired!" Gruffed wee amount of pleading and begging would do,

He would not stop saying no.

He looked woefully up at big fella and said " I do not know how you put up with her. Sigh. I really don't!"
"Alright then, let's go!!"

Through alleyways,

and through secret gardens we went...............and at the secret garden we came to a strange tree.

"Go on then, climb!" Said wee doggie.

"I will lead the way!" and up he bounded as quick as his wee legs would follow him.
So climb we did.
We climbed so far up into the clouds and all you could see was sky!At the top was a clearing, leading on to a wood.
" Come on, quickly! We are nearly there!" said wee doggie as he raced onwards.

We ran up to a grand set of gates.

" We come here to marvel at the mighty King Oak,
Oh yes indeed we do
dear protectors of the mighty oak,
open your gates and let us through!"

wee doggie barked and the gates opened and through we went

as we stared in wonder and awe!"Now, we are in the wood! We just follow the path and we should be there soon!" Wee doggie flew ahead.

"Halt!" Who are you and what do you want here?"
We did not know where the voice was coming from. I knelt against a tree puzzled.

"Ow!! My face!"

I was startled to see the tree talking to me!

"Do not weigh yourself against me if you please, now what do you want?"
We told the tree we were here to view the marvel of the king of the Oak Trees and how wee doggie was with us.

"You can not go past until you dance in honour of the Oak king, it is tradition. One of you must dance." Bellowed the tree.

Well, I certainly can not dance and big fella, well I think they thought he was just another tree, so I called wee doggie over explaining our dilemma.

" So its a dance off you are having then?Well then, hit me with the beat!" Wee doggie put his paw to the floor and I heard the branches circling

the leaves rustle and shake..

and the trees humming, singing and swaying to the sound.

and wee doggie shook his thangg!The trees enjoyed wee doggies moves so much, they began dancing with him!

and twirling their branches around to the beat.

"Come now" gruffed wee doggie, "the light is dimming!"
As we got closer, the trees wore beautiful green velvet moss cloaks to let us know we were near to the King of the Oak Trees.

and soon there he was.

" Be quiet" wee doggie whispered, "He is sleeping!"

We heard the deep sleep breathing rumbling through his big trunk making the ground shake and his weight straining on the metal poles to hold his branches up.
The king of the Oaks name is Allerton and he is 1000 years old!!Soon, we had to leave and the trees waved and kissed us goodbye as we walk back through the wood.

"How do we get down again wee doggie?" Big fella asked.

"We don't. The tree we climbed up disappears once someone goes up. We would not want humans to find out to disturb the Oak King. Just stand still would you?"

Wee doggie began to run in a circle around us very fast and it was all so dizzy.......................

when we found ourselves back home with the kettle brewed and the sweet intoxicating smell of Oak moss filling the air.
I love our adventures with the wee doggie!

PS: I have tried to get more organised with my posts, so I have set up a photography blog, so my Friday Shoot outs will be posted there, with some other pics posted here and there! Cheerio for now!!


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I wish I could have gone too. I love the tree with the face and the great old one. Can you imagine the things it has seen in its 1000 years. This was a joy for me thanks for sharing it with me.
Warm regards and a Lovely weekend,

Renee said...

Okay now I am serious. A compilation for children's stories. Just love it.

There is a lady named Sarah from Oak Cottage that comments on my blog and she is writing a little story for maybe 10 year olds and it is just adorable and has my heart too. You have to check it out.

I look at these stories the same way and know that there is magic in them.

Thankyou for telling me it has brightened my day.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely enchanting! You have a story tellers mind and I agree with Renee the children's bookshelves are crying out for your wonderful stories!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

How appropriate that the old oak once served as a courtroom! The Oak King looks just like an old judge, kind of gnarly in his robes and mossy wig, propped up by a cane (or two or three). He'd be the kind of judge who doesn't suffer fools lightly and who would harrumph at the lawyers and their arguments.

Shell said...

A 1000 year old oak tree. That is amazing. I have a special fondness for trees. I can only imagine the energy around Allerton.
Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

Crafty Chick said...

What a special place & a wonderful adventure. I do agree with the others... you have a story tellers talent. (As well a gift for photography and art as well!)

That tree is awe inspiring! And yes...imagine what it has seen in it's 1000 years & the energy surrounding it.

Have a great weekend- and we cannot wait to hear/see your latest adventures with Wee Doggie.

~Danae, aka 'Crafty'

Bella Sinclair said...

W.H.O.A! Wow, what an adventure! Wee doggie must have gotten dizzy from shaking his head no so much. Hehehe And my oh my, that tree is a sight. I cannot imagine it being 1000 years old. Amazing. I think I need a few metal poles to hold me up, too.

Rue said...

Ah, the Wee Doggie really knows his way around the magickal places! A great tour guide to have!

Love the photos!