Sunday, 20 December 2009

Let it slush, let it slush, let it slush.

Last night in our winter woollies and mugs of hot chocolate (Note: No marshmallows for me, someone once put them in my hot chocolate and I didn't realise. I thought the milk had curled and spat it out all over the place. Starbucks tell me they will remove my ban some time in the spring when hot chocolate goes out of season.) Big fella and I spent the frosty night stargazing from the living room window.

Big fella looking for UFOs
and myself gazing at the moon and the stars.

but then, a strange light came over the sky, and a dark blanket of cotton wool cloud threatened the sky and our view. Big fella and I turned to each other and whispered "Snow's coming!"
We squealed and jumped up and down and then quickly composing ourselves realising their was going to be some confrontation. We both clicked there was no more milk for hot chocolate that every body needs while watching first snow and I sure as hell wasn't going outside.

The next morning I woke up with a start shouting "No marshmallows!!" and squinting my eyes to adjust to my setting. We were lying on our living room floor with hot chocolate all over our faces. I tried to remember what happened before we fell asleep.

Together: (whispering)"Snow's coming! Woohoo! SQUEALLLLL!"
Me:(Thinking) "Gasp! No milk!"
Big Fella: (Thinking) "Gasp! She better go out and get some milk!"
Me: I am not going outside!
Big Fella: Neither am I!
Me: You can drive the ca.................Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Big Fella: No wa.........ZzzzzzzzzzzzSnoreZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I looked out the window to see a swirling mist of snow come from the clouds

and the street was covered! Well, kinda.

and their was some pretty icicles on the windows. (alright, it is slush, don't ruin my illusion!)OK, it was not exactly snow, but it will do me! I must go outside and investigate and take a brisk winter walk. Besides, we need milk and unless I walk the long trek to the shop, I am sure no kind of cow in its right mind would be out in weather like this. I am not making snow angels though, it would be like doing the back stroke through rice pudding. Oh, alright then, maybe later!
I hunted out my trusty snow armour and wee green hat.

my ever faithful gloves with mitten attachment no less. I got these years are going on a weekend away to Amsterdam with Big fella. I can not remember buying them or much else only the chocolate brownies were delicious and I couldn't stop eating them.

Bow to the Per De Resistance, these bad boys! Oh, yes, no worries for me walking in this weather! Trust me, I am not used to such fancy attire, Big fella got me the Santa like boots for Christmas ( giving them to me in October mind you, he can't hold water that boy! He has already found his Christmas presents ages ago. Our Christmas over. Too all new readers, no, he is not my five old child, he is actually my partner of four years. We have no children at the moment as my hands are pretty full at the minute as you can see.)

I stuck on my gear, unsure whether I put the boots on the right feet or not,
and moving at the speed and the look of the marshmallow man out of ghost busters film, I made my way down the stairs to the front door. (Do you see how marsh mallows are haunting my thoughts, that time in Starbucks was a traumatic time for all concerned it would seem..)

I opened the front door only to be blasted in the face by slushy splattering wind. I immediately slammed the door shut, hoping I would never be faced with the like again. I promptly went up the stairs, told big fella to get up from the floor of the living room and help me make a tent and get some milk! He refused and is now lying in his own tent in bed. How lazy is he? He wouldn't even get up to go outside in the......
Anyway, here is my very productive day in snow/ slush from my living room window.

It soon became too cold by the windows and cloud watched on the sofa, dreaming I could fly!

and soon the snow clouds parted,

and life begins again.

Now, as I sit here with my herbal tea dreaming it was hot chocolate, (still no milk) I am thankful for the shelter from the storm and spare a thought for those who do not at this bitterly cold time of year. I am very lucky. Hope you are toasty, cozy and warm wherever you are, if only in heart!
Cheerio for now!


Unknown said...

Love the photos and the very funny way you put it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I laughed with delight all the way through your post! And may I say, NICE BOOTS!

Barry said...

That was hilarious Claire!

Here in Toronto we hav eno snow at all at the moment. You've far surpassed us!

We hope for some by Christmas!

Rudee said...

We got a little bit of snow, but I think a storm is on its way here now. I hope we have a white Christmas, but nowhere near as much as some parts of the northeast US got this weekend.

I have significant feelings of envy as I gaze upon your most spectacular boots. I am many, many shades of green...

Hibiscus Moon said...

Great story. Luv the mgloves w/ attached mittens. Genius!!

Cindy said...

Always love your stories, those are some ka boots. Love your decorations. Take care, all the best to you. Big hug from across the way.

Rue said...

Sorry your slush was not more snow-like. I hope you get your wish soon -but it does tend to be rather cold!

Also hope you get your milk - giggle!

Bridgett said...

Snow. Slush.

It's all good! :D

Diggin' those boots, btw!