Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The King of the Cats Adventure

Twas some night after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Not surprising considering Felix, the huge lion like house cat was roaming and patrolling the home with the greatest of ease.

I was at my dad's house for Christmas in Belfast and was staying there over the festive period. Felix who I mentioned before and Midnight our other silent green eyed black cat have been living with our family for years now. As my dad grumbled the other day, "they are better fed than us!!"

These two cool dudes are brothers and come and go as they please without giving you a second thought. Unless it comes to feeding time that is. So imagine my surprise when I was awoken just as dawn was breaking over a frosty morning by none other than Felix staring at me while I slept.

"Ah, you are up. About time too." Felix spoke with a distinct sound of Jeremy Irons. "I have much respect for your friend of wee doggie and he has an adventure lined up for you.It is to find the Castle of the Cats which can only be seen once every nine years to celebrate the nine lives cats have inherited and you are here at the right time. I am not going with you however as I have choir practice, so Midnight well lead the way. He is at the window down stairs waiting for you."

"Here is a list of what you need to do to help you on your way. Stick by it and it will not fail you."

"Now, go away you are disturbing my yoga moves."

I got ready, hopped downstairs, and opened the curtains to see midnight waiting at the windowsill.
"Hello there!" Midnight said with sprinkling of Stephen Fry.
"Oh do come on, do you want to go on an adventure or don't you? Now, do come along now, we are chasing the sun!"

As we silently creeped through streets and curved around alleys, Midnight showed me where to go and told me the story of The King O the exchange for a scratch now and again
Soon we came to a frozen lake.
There were the ducks moon walkingand the swans ice skating.
"I will leave you from here, this present company and I do not get along, so to speak. They will take good care of you at least!Keep to the list! Cheery pip!" Midnight silently slicked away.

I decided to go over and ask the swans if they knew where I could find the giant who was laying down.

When I asked them, the swans began ruffling their feathers and muttering amongst themselves.
"Who is she?"
"I don't think much of her hair do!"
"What does she want to know about the giant for?"
"Is that cat Midnight with her?" A pigeon soared into the air and shouted "Oh, stop your gibberish women! Right there love! Its right in front of you! Its the face on the mountain!"
And there is was.
"Can you show me how to walk through the oceans?" I asked.

"Are you going to the Castle of the Cats? Oh, a lovely spot up there. I don't go there myself, considering history and all, but I'll take you near enough! Follow me!" Cried the pigeon swooping and diving in the air. "Wear a swimming cap ha ha!"

The oceans were magic avenues you had to walk through to get to the castle!

"Did you think we had to cross the actual oceans? We would have been at that for a while! Besides,like a cat would go anywhere near water!"
laughed the pigeon from above. Soon, we came to a gate lodge.

"Off you go to the top of the mountain!" said the pigeon, " and be safe!"

"Wait!"I cried."What about the dragon's lair?"

" Oh him!" "He won't be in his lair at the moment, I heard him saying something about going to a cat's choir today to celebrate the nine lives!He always goes to try and find out how to get the other eight lives! He never does! You should be safe enough! Oh, he is a grumpy old dragon though!"
The pigeon flew up into the air and was gone.
So I began the trek up the mountain, with steps made by the tree roots

when suddenly, it began to get cold and the birds stopped singing, the rivers stopped running and all was still. Jack Frost was near. Which also means so was I!As I slipped and slided upwards, the dragons lair was in sight.
As I climbed up to the cave I turned around to see the most glorious view!

I went through the cave with amethyst and rubies glowing the way on the ground and walls, out to the other end and there it was.

The Castle of the Cats!

Fresh snow lay down on the ground and I heard it crunch as I walked around opened mouthed and in awe.

At the top of the steps was this sign.

and I walked into the grounds.

Cats represented everywhere, even on the ground!
Which lead me to the castle entrance where there was a face statue.
"I am sorry, but you can not stay long" it whispered, "it is the annual cat's choir today and it is feline only."

"What about the dragon? I heard he was going and he isn't feline." I asked.
"Would you argue with dragon?" It questioned back. "It flies over the castle and listens. That's why you can not go back the way you came. Do come in and warm your hands by the fire before you go though."

I gladly went in as it was very cold and I didn't like the thought of the dragon flying around the mountain as I didn't know how I was going to get back to my dad's house. I went to the grand fire place but it was unlit. I stared at it for a while came alive and began to glow. I was entranced by the light dancing...

I was suddenly transported to outside my dad's house in the middle of the street, but safe and sound. As I looked at the mountain view before I went inside,I turned my head to the side and thought " Gosh, it really is a giant!"
Cheerio for now!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What magickal fun! And Felix/Jeremy Irons and Midnight/Stephen Fry have such plummy, posh accents! LOL!

Dede said...

I so love your writings! They are always so much fun! Looking forward to many more in 2010.


A Scattering said...

What a delight! I read it just after dinner and it was perfect dessert.

Rue said...

What a fun journey you had! And what a view - wow! I love all the cat decorations!

Anonymous said...

That was really entertaining and the pictures were beautiful. Thanks for a lovely post.

CJ xx

clairedulalune said...

Hiya Debra! They did have smooth accents and the pigeon was as Belfast as the come, salt of the earth and willing to help you out no end!

Hello there Dede! So glad to have you alongside me, as i go on these wee mad adventures! There will be more, i love do them! I will continue with your kind words in mind.

Elaine! I am so glad you got a wee bit of sweetness in my post! I have to say, it was not so sweet taking the photos. I thought I was goona have to get Belfast mountain heliocopter out! So silly going up there in those conditions. What can I saying, it was Boxing day in Belfast and I had to clear my head from the night before if you know what i mean!

Hello Rue, as above, more fun posting it! The views were breathtaking, but i was clingig for dear life at the time. Belfast Castle in the mountin is stunning though. Favourite place of mine.

CJ, thank you very much for the photos, I have to admit some of them were fixed up a wee bit as I as so frightened of falling off that icy mountain I just took them with one arm outstreched desperately clicking away, hoping for the best. I ended up 7 miles from my house! I swear! My dad had to drive all over, i couldn't down! What a Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Calire, I really enjoyed this! You are so imaginative! Thanks for the card too! I was thrilled to hear from you! Happy new year!

Renee said...

Oh Claire I love this story.

This would make an awesome children's story. Are you going to get it published. I think you should.

I laughed that the swans didn't think much of your hairdo.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I enjoyed this tremendously!!! What a magickal tale! Oh, and stunning, gorgeous photos... Thank you so much for this what felt like a magickal little retreat as I got caught up in your story.

Shell said...

A truly magical tale. I was swept away with you on your journey.
Felix reminds me a lot of my Mabel.
Tuxedos cats are wonderful.
Mabel and I do wish there is a Castle of Cats where we are.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a fbulous tour! You are so very talented, Claire! I blurted out laughing at the moonwalking ducks and has my breath taken away with the view from the castle. Just stunning!
Happy New Year to you!

clairedulalune said...

Hello there Cindy! Thank you very much, i am glad you got the card, I posted it very late! Happy new year to you too!

Renee, I am blown away! Thank you! Regrettably I would not have the first clue on how to start on publishing but it would be something I would only dream to do! Thank you for helping me keep that dream alive! Those swans are very rude at times as well!

Serena, thank you! I am so happy you enjoyed it! Come along with me again anytime, i really love your company!

Hello Shell, I am finding it difficult to get on your blog for some strange blog reason only blog does, but I will get to you! Tuxedo cats are beautiful aren't they? Mable sounds lovely. They are such majestic anaimals!

Hello Alicia, so glad you are back! those ducks could move! The castle is beautiful isn't it? The view is spell binding!

Suzie said...

What a delightful, enchanting story, all woven together with some wonderful photos!

Most excellent! I agree! You should get it published!!

Bridgett said...

What a most excellent journey!
Will you take me to the Castle of the Cat sometime?


BTW, Felix and Midnight are prett darn cute.


Anonymous said...

That was amazing! Have just called my daughter over to read it, emailed a link to my sister and saved it to show hubby in a minute. You're brilliant! xx