Saturday, 17 October 2009

STOP! Hammer time! There's a party over here!

This morning looking out my window, I got such a surprise,
I saw witches on broomsticks stream across the skies.

Then suddenly it hit me, how could I have forgot?
I am holding a Halloween Party tonight,
and I haven't even got a frock!

All day pacing for ideas, I didn't have a clue,
Then I suddenly had one great idea,
I shall ask for the help of the moon.

I have no ideas, I can not think,
I have not even cleaned the kitchen sink!
So I said this incantation into the sky,
and hoped that the moon would help me by!

"Dearest moon so shining bright, Help me host a magical party tonight!"

The moon took shape and whirled in a ball

and whispered through the wind,
"A magical night will be had by all!"

Welcome to the Halloween Party. Please do come in!

The Windowless hallway

Oh, I am so happy you could make it! Before you come in, please do shake the witch snow globe three times and enter the windowless hallway.

Oh, and don't forget to make a wish on a star! You have just got to, it's tradition!

Also in the hallway is a deceiving "other room portal", disguised as a Jack Daniels picture. Honest!

But where does this door lead to?

The Bathtub of Seas and the Star Gazing Sink.Set sail in the bath tub of seas and have a good read of the Witches Week, to keep up to date with all current affairs.

Dip into the giant clam and get some Jammy heart delights!Want to go star gazing? Look no further!

Next door in the hallway leads to The Rose Bed of Dreams Chill out Room!

Some folk like to relax in the mist of a party, it can be crazy in there I know!
So if you feel like chilling out, this is the place to be!

Cozy up in the rose bed of dreams and day dream for some wonderful memories!
Here is what you do.
This the drawers of decision by the Rose bed of dreams. Chose which item you would like as a token for the party. For example, if you chose the dolphin, or the dragonfly.

Now lay on the bed clutching your token and have a wonderful time swimming with dolphins and riding on the back of a dragonfly!

Now, open the wardrobe doors to Narnia!!!

No, not really I am just showing off my outfit for tonight.
Oh dear, I am not dressed! Some magic needed here I think, and pronto!

"Black cloak and dress cover me please, and throw in some nice bangles.
Oh, and please, I beg of you if just for tonight, don't let those heels break my ankles"

Where is my hat, I am sure I had it before,
never mind, no magic needed
there it is, hanging on the door!

Now into the heart of the party!
There is the magical fish tank which is home to pirate ship wrecks and treasure!

The glass dome of mermaid tears protects the ship wrecks

and here is the treasure!

The money bottle is corked with fire.

but I would be more worried about the ghost who guards the treasure!
Mmmmm, cookies!
Let's sit and have our futures told!
with the sand timer forever keeping time moving

Here is the torrent room!
Look out the window................................

for ghostly pirate ships sailing by!

Oh, I see a crystal ball!

Let's take a peek!

Hold on! I can hear music, where is it coming from?

My, the elephant is playing the trumpet!and the plants are swaying to make a beat!
and the wee witch is conducting them!

A beautiful singing voice is radiating the room.

The biscuit moon is belting out old rat pack tunes! Wonderful!After, it was request time, and I want a bit of Village People!

M...........................look at my moves, I am Grease lightening!
I love dancing!

Meanwhile, the ghost protecting the treasure could be seen eyeing up my moves.

and give it some MC hammer in the place!
Wow, what a show! That ghost can bust a move! I am so tired after all that dancing, I need to sit down.

and blow some bubbles!

and show off my favourite (only) magic trick, two left hands, one right! (Or should that be two right hands, one left? Mmmmm, I need to think..............................)Now, time for some food and drinks!

This is the witches Kitchen. This is where spells and potions are made.

Now, what can we conjure up to eat?

A hearty tasty stew perhaps...................................Nah, how about some pizza? Yay!!

What can we have for dessert?

"With a wave of my wrist and flutter of fingers,
Doughnuts and eclairs are what my heart lingers!"

Stuffed!! Now, some tea to wash it down!

The witches kitchen has a fine selection of teas including Rose hip tea, Astral travel tea, and Potent tea potion.

Potent tea potion? I like the sound of that!

Oh, that is lovely, hit the spot! Oh look, tea leaves!

Oh, oh!
I feel all funny!

The room is spinning!

What was in that tea???

Where has everyone gone? It is now morning, was it all just a dream?
But remember such is life, nothing is ever what it seems!

Thank you so much for coming along, and where ever you are,
please do remember just one thing,

I think that........
Please come by again! Cheerio!


Dede said...

Claire that was some kind of party! You thought of everything! Kudos to you on a well thought out fun party!


Rue said...

Wow - what a wonderful party! You can never have too much candlelight and magick!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I had such a fun time at your party! You are the Hostess with the Mostess! (And I like the Village People too, I don't care what anybody says.)

Marie S said...

Oh this was wonderful and I enjoyed myself a lot!!
Thank you, that really hit the spot!!
Boos and kisses!

Sara said...

that was just lovely! And the food! (or maybe I am hungry hehe)

Linda said...

great party, fly over and see me. Lindax

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Hi there!

Happy Hallowe'en and great party post!!!

SpOOky Best,
Chris (-:

michelleK said...

Oh I am off to run me a magical bath like yours, with maybe just a few fresh frangipani flowers too

Happy magical halloween party!!!

Maggi said...


Holy moley, eclairs, pizza, fortune telling and bubbles, best party ever!!!I so enjoyed my visit! Thank you for a hauntingly good party!

I'm visiting from Beyond to celebrate the spookiest Halloween blog party ever! I hope you are having a fang-tastic time today! You are cordially invited to share in the celebration at my party HERE. I do hope you'll stop by!

Have a spook-tacular day!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Have fun today! Blessings dear.

Princess Crystal said...

Hehehehe so cute!
And yay for pizza ;)
Happy Halloween and thanks for the invite to your party!

Karin van Dam said...

What a wonderful party you had. And that hat look great, I love the purple! Thanks for inviting us.

Junie Moon said...

A very magical party and I've had a grand time. I love that moon spell, too. Thank you for the invitation.

Holly said...

I had the best time of my life Claire! It was completely heart warming and fun, fun, fun!

You are the dearest Spirit. And, I love you for all you do to make our world a better place.

Bright Blessings, Dear One!

Bridgett said...

Okay...gotta go recover after all that partying! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Party to you! :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I am bewitched by your party! Thanks for inviting me in. Have a magical weekend! Twyla

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I'm exhausted! I had such a wonderful time!!! Your ghost picture kind of scared me (great photography!!) but the tea made me feel better not to mention all the candlelight! Thanks Claire, for a fab Halloween party!

Julie Ranae said...

That was quite a party! Wow...lots of work went into the prep, huh?!

Thanks for inviting me in......

Hope you will stop by The Open Window for the party creations there...

Celestial Charms said...

Wow, such an elaborate party. That was no dream...I enjoyed myself immensley. I savored your soup and decided to take the lovely starfish as a party token, thank you ever so much. Have a Happy Halloween.

Chrisy said...

What a whirwind stay I've had at your place! Those broomsticks setting of to all the parties! The bath full of fallen stars! The special reading for me! Thank you for your hospitality! Please come visit at my party for more treats....if you haven't flown in already!

Whisperings 13 said...

What a wonderful party! and what a magical world you have created! Bravo!
Happy Hauntings!

laterg8r said...

love your party, love all the pics and the jack daniels portal cracked me up :D

Deborah said...

HA! The Jack Daniels portal made me laugh out loud! There's a lot going on here! Do stop by and party with Alice and Dead Bob, if you dare! **kisskiss** Deborah

Stitchinwitch said...

Great Party thanks for having me over :)

Laume said...

I loved your party. Your words turned the most mundane things and rooms into pure magic! And that molded wreath of the goddess and horned god - beautiful - I've never seen it before!

Barbara said...

Oh, Claire! What fun was that?? Every thing in your house turned magical and full of imagination! I absolutely loved sharing your party with you and all those candles!! Thanks for all the hard work. Happy Halloween! xo

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

What a wonderful party. Very magical. Thank you for having me. Happy Halloween!

=) melanie

Janine said...

Cool party post.
Enjoy the Halloween-party and feel invited to visit me on

mermaiden said...

you are a *serious* hostess! thanks for the invitation!

Sara said...

Oh I loved your magickal party! It was so much fun! Thank you for opening your door for it. :) (and wow now I'm hungry after seeing that photo of the! :) )

AwtemNymf said...

what an Enchanting post! I was spellbound! I love the star light and the stars in the sink!
OhMyStars- I'm under a spell! *winks*
I flew in from Vanessa's Magical Party!
I enjoyed my visit! <{:O)
Be Enchanted!

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyable!

Thanks for an enchanting time!

Happy Haunting!


Renee said...

Absolutely dreamy and boo-tiful.

I had the best time and everything was fantastic.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Chickenbells said...

YOU my dear...know how to throw a party! I could hardly leave the starlight sink...oh my...and your rhyming was just magical! Happy Halloween...

Annabelle said...

Now I must say you can't have done all this in such a short time unless you know MAGIC!! DO YOU????
Adore the star gazing in the sink, candles and ghosts and the yummies are making oooh so hungary!!!!!Lovely post,had a ball...A HALLOWEEN BALL!!!!
Happy Hauntings and Happy Halloween
A Witch called Annabelle >^..^<

Alexandra MacVean said...

What a delightful and spooky halloween party! LOVE IT! :)

PS.......Harrington Manor's doors are now open for a enchanted, yet haunting evening...won't you and your guest drop by?....MUUUwahahahahaha!

Jackie said...

Very cool party...thanks :)

I hope you have a frightfully good Halloween...hApPY hAunTinG!

Sueann said...

Oh I am ever so sorry. I must have fallen asleep on your Rose Bed!!! I had a delightful time at your party and that pizza hit the spot. I am sure it was the tea that got me all whoozie!! Now that I am up, I must fly away. But stop by my party!!

Shell said...

Clairedulalune, i loved your enchanting and most magical party. I took a dolphin as a keepsake. You are a star too!

Sylvia said...

I flew in and had a great time, the pizza and cookies were divine. Thanks you so much for such a lovely time will come by later when I have more time.

Rhonda Roo said...

Whew! What a whirlwind of a party THAT was! Love that you fed me pizza and chicken soup, and eclairs! The music was amazing, that wee witch really knows how to conduct!
Drop by the Treehosue if you can!
This was great fun~have a Spooktacular Halloween!

jewelstreet said...

Bows to the queen of originality. WItches hat off to you..

Happy Halloween! said...


Witch's heaven of course!!!

Oh you have outdone yourself, what fun!

I ADORE your spooooky glowing mansion, and that star and candle filled ocean in a sink! I LOVE it, might I turn into thembelina and take dip???

What fun, spooooky fabulousnessss!


Bwahahahaaaaaaaaa!~ Thank you for being a delightful part of the festivites!!

Sarah said...

Brilliant party! I love the imaginative way you used your home. The food was delicious-all witches love pizza I think. Thank you!

Tara said...

Very cool party! Love the stars gazing in the sink and the pirate ships sailing by. The pizza was delish too! Happy Happy Halloween!

Her Art Nest said... sure went all out. What a awesome post. Happy Halloween! ~Nan

Unknown said...

Hi, Wonderful Halloween post! Happy Halloween to you!

Stella Dora von Swineburg said...

Thanks for your FUN hospitality! Now come on over to my party and giveaway

Heather said...

Hammer Time, lol XD

Lovely party!

Please stop by my party for a giveaway and fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've gone to a lot of toil and trouble to make this post - your pictures are great and so is your poetry. And a wonderful party too.

CJ xx

WrightStuff said...

Oh what a charming party. Yes, that ghost sure can dance - at least he can't tread on your toes!

julietk said...

Still working my way through the party list (i would feel bad if i missed anyone out)Great party post Happy Halloween Juliet

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Mad fun. You have a great eye.
You take care.