Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Martha Stewart, move over love, there's a new kid in town

Hello to all! How are you, very well I hope! Something very strange has come over me ,

a) I cant stop reading blogs for hours on end

b) In turn, I can not stop posting (drivel)

c) As you probably already know, it looks like I have no life. At all. The next part of this post should prove this.

and finally,
d) Why the hell is all my typing underlined?

So I did I a big clean today (well two rooms, but I cleaned everything, and rubbed tea tree oil on everything for effect. No germs in this house. (Alright, its because its smells clean too.)

There was a jumper that needed hanging and I noticed the little strips of material that help the clothes hang or something.(Personally I can not stand the blooming things. Every photograph of a special occasion, I forget about them and in the pictures, I stick out like a bare bum because I look like I have four bra straps all hanging out everywhere!

(See, how much they annoy me?)

So I immediately took a pair of scissors to them. But upon further inspection, these are quite pretty material in their own way so I thought of a way to use them. Like this:
I just had two nice china potting bowls which I always thought were two small for planting, put the candles in it and voila!

A bit of a twist on candlesticks! Tip of the week! Next time I will show you how to make a washing machine into a table top delight! (only joking!)
Hope all is well!


Holly said...

Dear Martha-ette, I like quite well your new candle invention thingy.

So, listen, I can't speak to whether or no you're spending too much time on the computer and at other blogs.

I can tell you that I always like hearing from you and whatever you have to say to what I write is in no way drivel.

I got slammed by a Brit saying they thought I had too much to say and always commented which they found annoying. I was a bit put off by that, but I figure, I like visiting and so I'll continue.

I hope you do as well.

clairedulalune said...

Holly, please do always visit and please do comment, i love to hear your thoughts, and never let one person's comments stop you!

Bridgett said... are too funny. But creative too! Yay!

And why is everything underlined, btw? :)


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Always giving me a smile, Claire! Martha Stewart can't hold a "candle"to you..LOL! Keep up the creativity ;)

Barry said...

Hey, the underlining disappeared in the last two paragraphs.

Now I miss it.

Dede said...

What you did with the candles is beautiful! Job well done.

Cindy said...

Hello Claire, i love hearing from you and i love visiting. I also like what you did with the candlesticks! Just keep being you.

Sarah Sullivan said...

LMAO Claire..OMG I love you!! You just crack me up!! You never fail and I loooove your drivel!!! Whaaahaaaa..girl you are gonna have to buy me a new keyboard...the coffee is just mucking it all up. Have a great day hon, Sarah

Rudee said...

You are a clever girl and a master recycler! Well done.

nicole mountz said...

hehe, those are adorable. what a crafty little martha stewart you are! and you're not the only one addicted to blogs.. i run a very close second ;)