Monday, 21 September 2009

Mabon Adventure

Mabon Adventure!

Today we knocked on the door of our friend Doggie, to see if he would like to come out and play. "My dear girl", he cried "you do know it is Mabon today?"

Cripes! I forgot again!

"Come on, get in the car, we will must get to Allerton Towers before Summer says goodbye! Mabon is the one time of the year humans can enter the Young wood!"

So off we went. I didn't have a clue what the doggie was talking about.

Once in a while, Doggie would gruff, "Left! No! Straight ahead! I can sniff it now!" We were grateful to doggie, despite his abrupt manner as we knew we could not get to Allerton towers with a animal familar.
We got to a green field and Doggie told us to stand and wait on the fairies to see if they like us and let us in.

The fairies were not going to let us go by, but I did my act of making one leg disappear, so that i think that the trick and they let us through.

"Now, which way? Ah! Let me handle this" gruffed doggie and he barked something to the crow in the trees above. The crow replied as he flew down by us and pointed his beak to the east. "The crow says it's this way!" as doggie wiggled toward the path. "Thanks love!" I blurted out before quickly correcting myself saying "Crawwww! Crawwwww!" It didn't work, the crow just flew away.
Nose to the ground, doggie lead the way, grunting and grumbling along the path.

"We must find the red leaf map or you will never find your way through Young wood!" said doggie. Soon enough we found it.

"But its a leaf, not a map! Nice one!" I thought. But doggie placed it in my hand and it suddenly immersed as a brand new shiny map.
"Now it's up to you!" said doggie. "I am away for a good sniff, and don't forget the map ages as time goes on, you must get to the Rose Butterfly Green Allotment before it fades! See you at the car later." and ran into the woods chuckling away.

We followed the map and found the Hobbit's house! We knocked on the door and waited. Soon the door opened and there stood a hobbit!
"Ohhh hello humans!Happy Mabon to you. How lovely for you to visit! I am sorry but I am in the middle of Mabon cleaning so I can not invite you in. I would be ever so embarrassed!"

" Ah, I see you found the red leaf map! Now please follow to the letter and beware of sleepy willow pathway, the place can steal you smile forever if you linger too long. Find the fuzzy chestnuts on Berry way put them in your pocket for luck, but look out for the fairy trial and what ever you do don't step on it! Now, you must hurry, the light is fading and good luck!"

We noticed as we walked that the map was also fading already.
We make our way through Berry Lane,
and watched as the Sun sunk in the sky.

Soon enough we found the fuzzy chestnuts

and we creeped along, hoping not to step on the fairy trial. Where is it?
Ahh! There it is!
Soon the air changed and we knew we were entering Sleepy Willow Pathway.

There was no leaves, just branches,
and they poked and prodded our bodies as we walked by!

Soon we saw the green leaves again and looked at our map to see how far Allerton Towers was. The map! It is fading faster!We started to walk quickly,

and then we ran through Perception Alley, into a path which lead to this.

Allerton towers was a summer place and Autumn is now in its grips and it is crumbling away.

We walked up the steps into the towers,But Summer had left and it was sad and bare.

I took one last glance as we walked away,
and Allerton Towers was gone with the Summer.

We reached the fairy arch way,

and came to a gate.

The map was disintegrating in our hands and we had to get to Rose Butterfly Green Allotment and quickly!Finally, there it was!

We made it!

But how do we get home? I was drawn to this beautiful Rose and held it to my nose to sniff the intoxicating scent............ Ohhh, feeling dizzy, big fella! Hold my hand!

And then next thing we knew we were standing in our bedroom with the sun streaming goodbye and the sound of the waves floating through the room.

What a wonderful Mabon adventure! Happy Mabon to you! Now, how the hell do we get the car back?


Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

What a great adventure and pictures for illustrations.

Default said...

this was absolutely brilliant!!!!! i love your blog!!!!!!!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

And what about Doggie? How'd he get home? (What a wonderful imagination you have!)

Patty said...

Happy Mabon to you!
I enjoyed the post.

Dede said...

An excellent adventure! Loved it! Have a Blessed Mabon!

Rue said...

Oooh, what an adventure!

Mabon Blessings to you!

Cindy said...

I loved the post. you have some fabulous photos, I loved the fairies archway, great imagination.take care.

Polly said...

Cool story! And Allerton looks like the kind of place I would like to visit.

I love that photo of the door surrounded by ivy. It looks like the entrance to the Secret Garden

Holly said...

Brava!!! Brava!!! Brava!!!! Wonderful Claire, my only celebration of the fair and sad day! Thank you for sharing it with me!

mel said...

Lovely story!!

Mabon Blessings!

Pamela said...

What a lovely Mabon adventure.

Blessings of the season for you, my long-distance friend. :)

Bridgett said...

You, my friend, are quite clever! This was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed your Mabon adventure. :)


Bella Sinclair said...

Happy Mabon! AAAaaaaaaahhhh, what a grand adventure. I had a blast following you around. HA! It is bedtime for me, and this has been the BEST bedtime story I've ever had. Oh, I must tell you how much I loved that fairy arch way. Gorgeous! And it looks like you have very looooong legs. YA?