Sunday, 6 September 2009

Wee Witch Folk

Hello everyone! I went for a walk today in the crisp autumn air this morning. (Alright went to the shops to get milk) Either way I walked. Upon my travels I came across these wee gems.

A conker with shell, an acorn, sycamore seeds and a pine cone. I was thinking of how small these are in my hand, but yet, who could made use out of them for other reasons.
Like wee witch folk. Here's what I came up with:

To celebrate Christmas, I thought they could use the pine cone as a Christmas tree.

Have you heard of La Machine? If not find all the info here. Amazing! But I thought the whole wee witch folk community could have their own La machine parade, with the help of the conker shell!

and of course, it is now excellent weather for wee witch folk to go wind surfing on the sycamore seeds.It's the only way to travel apparently.

(The camera is a spool and is held to together with a tripod of sticks, naturally.)

And of course the wee witch folk want to be famous just like the rest of us and make audition tapes regularly for programmes like Wee Witch Bother and the Wiccan World, using the acorn as a big Microphone.

Enjoy the last snippets of the weekend and lets get ready for a new week to begin!

I wonder what adventures we will be going on?


Bridgett said...

VERY creative. I'm impressed! :)


mel said...

Geez! I go away for a week and come back to find your blog all overhauled and creatived and technologied-up!! Did you get a tutor?! *cheeky grin*

I'm off to have a look at all your new bits and pieces....

Rudee said...

The squirrels are out of their minds hunting up acorns. I caught one burying one in the planter on my porch. I thought about moving the planter to play tricks on him.

Tammy said...

Love the wee witch folk! They are great!

Dede said...

Great imagination! Love the wind wind surfing. Great job!

Sarah Sullivan said...

OMG fun are these - I wanna play!!! Darling pictures...whoo hoo do mor of these!!! Hugs, Sarah

nicole mountz said...

this is the cutest thing ive ever seen. first that you found these and brought them back to your house..and second that you made those adorable little pictures with them!! i love it!

Holly said...

Oh Claire! Your wee witches made me laugh! Giggle!!!