Friday, 18 September 2009

The Friday shoot out that never was

Hello everyone, hope all is good this Friday (That means weekend!Woohoo, adventure time!)
Well as it being Friday, I should be posting my Friday Shoot Out post on domesticated animals. It was a corker in my eyes. We are not allowed pets in our home (Although I have a pet house spider that comes and goes, but I didn't post the picture of him as I know a lot of you would recoil in horror at the sight of him and never return to this blog in fear of seeing that sight again.I would not blame you. He is huge!

(Big fella is scared of spiders, big time, and this makes for some interesting early morning moments when big fella is confronted by him in the shower.But I warn him, if he ever gets rid, his mother, the black widow who resigns in the loft will not be too happy.Oh, how I laugh!)

But I was going to post my adventures last night dragging big fella around Liverpool city centre taking pictures of statues of animals. Domesticated animals. Ahh, do you get me?)
But of course it being a Friday my brain and body have completely shut down this evening and can I find the lead for my camera? Again? No. I know I put it away somewhere, SAFE. But where? I look like this at the moment:
I am a bit tired.

Before I leave you, just to let you know my blog is playing a few tricks again and reading lists are disappearing, reappearing and some blogs are lost. I only realised this today, so if I have not commented on your blog for a while, I am so sorry! I will try and sort out the problem. I must go find that lead, and then write my new moon list. Goodbye for now and lets cause some mischief this weekend!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey! There are mornings when that face is in MY mirror, too! Spooky!

Tracey said...

Spiders!! AAARRGHH i'm petrified of them, yet the biggest dog could come up to me and i'm on the floor with it cuddling it.. weird eh?

We have a spider on the washing line, Dave has called it Barry!! scary crabby looking thing it is.. YUK!!

I love the statue, how cute xxx

Polly said...

A pet spider! We have a pact: They don't come into my flat - I don't leave them under a glass for days hoping they disappear.

That sculpture is a little spooky

Cindy said...

You paarty it up , if I did I would look like the picture. Take care, hope all gets okay with your blog.

Dede said...

Oh Claire adore the statue! I had the same issue with my blog last week and a few days later everything returned to normal. Enjoy your weekend!

Bridgett said...

I used to have a pet tarantula. Does that make me crazy? LOL

Unfortunately, my husband HATES spiders, so I'll probably never have another.

BTW, I think you look lovely. :)


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Where, oh where did you find that picture of me? Was my ex sending you emails again?
All kidding aside..great domesticated animal & thank you for not posting the pic of the spider. I can handle just about anything BUT a spider! Also, the blogger gods are playing tricks with your blog...sorry..they must have come over from mine. It was down for a week before everything kind of went back to normal. Hang in there!

Barry said...

That is an amazing statue, strange that it resembles so many of the commenters on your blog. lol

beth said...

blogger has not been playing by the rules !
a few things on my blog are screwed up as well....arrghhh !