Sunday, 13 September 2009

For a moment there, I lost myself.

Well, it would seem summer has come back for a final bow, an encore.
The sun is streaming through our living room, and through the open windows the waves are singing and all I can see is blue sky. Bliss.

When the summer had started to leave in August, to go on vacation to Australia I suppose, I felt a part of me left too. I was not depressed as such, just in limbo. I didn't feel up to anything and I was getting incredibly bored with myself. I didn't even blog! I only realised about the Friday shootout post was on my blog today, I can schedule posts now! Yippee!

I think my mood or lack of really, was perhaps due to my little dance with antibiotics that I have finished taking recently and that might of had a effect on me. But now I am back! On Friday night, it just came back to me! I started doing things that really needed to be done. Such as:

* I have started a blog for my dads new business ADventure! More on that soon, I may need your brilliant advice in the next up and coming weeks!

* I have started making my gifts for my giveaway post from domesticated gypsy! Dede I haven't forgot you! I am making your gift with you in mind!

*I found the absurdly difficult to find photo frame for my piece with Mrs B's 31 days of Halloween,(hurrah!) at a child's jumble sale on our street. I couldn't believe it and was so happy I give him Five pounds for it, the look on his face when give him the money alone was worth the price!

* I found the charger for my camera! (double hurrah!) Strangely enough, after searching high and low everywhere for it, it was suddenly right there in front me! Mmmmmm.I was also getting worried that I would not get a picture taken of my giveaway for Mrs B as the closing day is the 15th of this month! Ekkk! Go take a peek at her blog if you have not done already! It is a blogger giveaway dream!

So I am getting my groove back, slowly but surely!
So, as it is a Sunday, its confession time for me, so here blows:
I am guilty of this week:

*Going ape at big fella as he erected a 7 person tent in our already extremely cramped living room, and then of course he consequently couldn't take it down again. We tried everything. It was not budging. I nearly had to ab sail out the window as we couldn't get the living room door open.

*Having conversations with the fish while big fella was cleaning the aquarium/sea word attraction. Here a snippet of the conversation:
" Hello fishy, how are you today?
I know, it was about time your tank got cleaned, it was stinking out the place.
I know, will we have a photo shoot?............
Of course you will be the subject, without question.
Whats that? OK, i will give you five minutes to prepare and I will go get my camera OK?"
(Dear, dear. I do worry about myself sometimes.)

* Finding this door on the sea bed when the tide was out today and wondered to myself, at high tide,on a full moon, do the mermaids all get together and go to this underground nightclub and dance the night away?

* Waving frantically at passing ships from the kitchen window and doing the honk honk signal you do for passing trucks to see if I get a reaction. I am easily amused, yes.

* I was also guilty of being slightly tipsy at a Barbecue last night and sadly, a couple we know had a big fight in front of everybody and broke up with each other. As we all stood there in shock I suddenly sang out a the top of my lungs "LOVE ON THE ROCKS! NO BIG SURPRISE!"(I love a bit of Neil diamond after a few.) This was greeted with silence apart from me giggling my head off and missing the chair to sit on and went flying. We left after that.

Now I am all refreshed after getting that off my chest!Now I am going to check out all your blogs and see what you have been up to! I did miss you!

Pssssss, By the way I am putting on the fake tan tonight, check this out!

A commerical is being filmed on our street tomorrow, so I will have my glad rags on because I want on it! Hahaha!
I will try and get some pics to show you, but I might fall over in my eighteen inch heels! Subtle as always me! Hope all is well in your days to come! Here comes Monday again!


Holly said...

Okay, the door in the floor of the ocean? What the heck is that all about? I need to know so you must find out.

Next, you falling on your keester after the fight and your serenade? I'll be laughing about that all week.

Go in peace; your sins are forgiven!

clairedulalune said...

I know Holly, when i saw it, i was like, what the hell is that? I will find out though! Intriging times! My bum is bruised a bit too, I am feeling tired today!

Rue said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love the Neil D. impersonation! And that door... that's a story waiting to happen!

Rudee said...

I enjoyed your confessions. I'm sorry you fell on your behind after being so clever with your song making. It might have ruined the moment.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I have sooo missed your blog and you! Still giggling about the Neil diamond song and tipping over backwards ;) Now II really would like to know what that door leads to..very interesting. And Mr Fishy? A heart throb to be sure!!

Dede said...

Ohhhh Claire you have made my week! Love the Neil Diamond song, how fitting! That was wonderful,I sure hope you didn't get hurt in the little mishap. The fish picture is so cute. Just why did Big Fella open the tent in the living room? PLEASE find out what that "door" is. That is most interesting.

Sarah Sullivan said...

LMAO Claire...thank you for all the giggles!! Did you really sing that - OMG..I would have been on the floor with you! With any luck a bit tipsy myself - whahhhaaahahah!! So glad you are feeling like yourself and back with us..I miss you when you are not here!! Hugs, Sarah

beth said...

yes...we mermaids do all get together and dance the night away at high tide....ESPECIALLY when there's a full glad you noticed :)

love the tent and ab sailing....girl you make me laugh !

Anonymous said...

Oh that did make me laugh, hope yourbum recovers soon:-)

julochka said...

i think sometimes when things (like camera cords) disappear and then reappear right in front of you, they've slipped through an eddy in the space-time continuum (i learned that from the hitchhiker's guide, which in my book makes it true).

Barbara said...

OMG, that was so funny! Neil Diamond in the face of tragedy! Way to go! And the ocean out your kitchen window??? Wow. You lucky girl to be able to get that view! And that door is intriguing...Could it be a selkie hideout?? In and out of our world?? Hmmm. Glad you're feeling better!

Sara said...

I always miss summer. I don't know why I love summers so much, though, I am sure it's more than just the fact that I am an August baby!

Oh and I love the guilty-of list!

Bridgett said...

There is absolutely nothing a Neil Diamond melody can't cure. :)

Seriously, I'm going to be giggling about this all week! You're a hoot, girly.

And you sound like me talking to the fishy...I do the same thing to our hamster.


KrisMrsBBradley said...

Good thing I wasn't there, because I would have peed myself laughing, lol!!