Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wanna play?

(This is a picture of me with my diffused hair. True life portrait.)

Welcome to I am guilty of........Sundays! Every Sunday I will tell you what I am guilty of doing that week! Kinda like confession. So I will go to heaven now like my granny said. If you want to play along, leave a comment and I will post your guilty's of the week! (This probably won't work, but I give it a whirl!)

Sooooo: I was guilty of:

* Being a bit arsey with big fella yesterday for no apparent reason. (sorry big fella)

* Eating far too much bad stuff, and not enough good stuff this week.

* Listening to a drunken argument between a couple outside our flat until they looked up and sawing me gawping at them with binoculars and popcorn.

* Letting the dishes pile up. (so not me)

* Watching you tube videos even though our bill will be sky high. (we didn't get unlimited broadband Internet. Our existing contract is iron tight.)

* Turning potty mouth back side driver when someone cut big fella up on the road,nearly causing a accident and then flipped the birdie! ( I act like I don't care, but I am like a lioness when someone is rude to my big fella!)

So there you have it, out of my system! Is there anything you are guilty of this week? Go on, spill!


Cindy said...

Claire, I have to say you with binoculars and popcorn, did you really need the popcorn? lol...I don't think I will play along this week because I have to go, but I will say this...I need to be nicer when I get tired,,,get a little bitchy with hubby.

Dede said...

Claire love the neighbor thing and the popcorn well that was just fitting. hehehe I ate two pieces of chocolate cake. Now I don't mean that I ate two pieces this week, I ate one piece and within 20 minutes, well I went back for the second piece. Sooo bad! Then I started two more projects before finishing the ones that I have already started. I said I wasn't going to do that any more. That didn't last long. I also ignored a phone call from someone that I knew wanted me to drop everything and come running to their house to "fix" there internet connection. There you have it. I was bad....

Holly said...

I spent way too much time with my bloggy friends. Way too much. Is that wrong?!

nicole mountz said...

i'm guilty of sitting infront of my lap top watching criminal minds all afternoon! all while eating mcdonalds double cheeseburger! eek!

Rudee said...

" Listening to a drunken argument between a couple outside our flat until they looked up and sawing me gawping at them with binoculars and popcorn."


I am guilty of laughing and entertained by the story about the Bickersons going at it outside your home.

Move over. I want some popcorn, too.

julochka said...

i was guilty of procrastinating horribly last week. and really kind of wallowing in it...bad, very bad, because i had lots to do.

Bridgett said...

Okay, I'm cracking up about the binoculars and popcorn. :D

I'm guilty of being outside for hours harvesting my herbs without a bra on. LOL

I'll have to think about some more.


Sarah Sullivan said...

LMAO snorting coffee out my nose..the picture of you watching the neighbors....giggle!! Wonderful and the bird....heehee!
The dishes..yup piled up and waiting for me this morning before children arrive..too much fun in the woods yesterday and too tired to do them last night!
Claire...your dream is wonderful - put it out there hon and Let Fly!! If you come to the states..ohhh please open your delighful shop near me so I can come and visit!! I can only imagine how wonderful a shop designed by you would be!!!
Hugs and blessings to you, Sarah

Unknown said...

Lol.. that watching you tube part is kickin my ass! so funny! :)


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I have been absent yet again from commenting and once again...I return to this super fun post from a girl that makes me LOL! I know I'll go away from your blog with huge smiles...For instance...watching the argument with binocs and eating popcorn? I am still laughing at that one! Must have been a long one...who needs reality TV when you've got neighbors?

Sandra Lundy said...

oh my gosh....i LOVE this little confession thing you have going! And...too funny about the binoculars and popcorn, lol!