Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dancing, drawing and going mad at the flea markets

Oh, I have enjoyed my weekend! On Saturday morning I woke to the sound of the gentle waves of the water and seagulls calling for food. I put on the kettle, opened the windows and stood there and drank my coffee, ready for the day to begin. It's Lammas! I tidied up, looked at emails,before big fella came home for work. Something you should know. Big fella also doesn't talk that much (they way I like em!) But this can sometimes cause problems, as today, he and I went for a drive (or so I thought) until we pulled up at a festival with a huge parade!! That I didn't know about!!

"I told you this is where we were going"
Yeah, big fella, in your head, you forgot to speak it! This can sometimes happen. Another reason why this can cause problems is that I don't really bring my camera out on "drives", (mental note to self, always take camera out on "drives"). It's perfect picture taking moments!

So I had to make do with big fellas (made in world war II) camera phone. Then the battery ran out. Why do men leave everything to the last minute? Charging phones, paying a bill, cleaning the house? Oh did I forget to mention I had a horrid case of PMS? I digress. It was a lovely surprise and the atmosphere and weather were both great!

Not sure what this is. My guess is Cher made a surprise guest appearance and really out done herself this time.
No rain! Miracle!

Once I had calmed down and had a good look around all the stalls, we left and Big fella and his even bigger brother (fact) announced that"we"were going to the pub to "keep an eye on the football" I politely declined. "No bloody way brothers, not me, How boring! Do what you like! I am going window shopping! Hmmpp!"

I am so glad I did. Conveniently on the road where the pub is, there is also a little community of second hands shops. In my personal opinion, it is rummaging heaven. (I have cut down though, the flat is turning into a flea market it's self. So, I am only buying something I know I really need. Honest.) True to my word, I only bought one thing. This! A manual coffee grinder! Well we both love coffee and.......what's that you say?, "Whats to the left of the coffee grinder?", Yes it a fancy pants coffee machine. But it is not a manual.)

Soon dusk fell, I could hear drumming in the air and I knew the carnival was in town! So excited!
Oh the colour!
and love was flying about through the crowds and in the air.
The displays were fantastic and huge! This one blew smoke out of it's mouth!
Amazing costumes, with vibrant, bold colours! (or else Cher's come back for a encore.)

Then, came the music. Getting closer and closer, the beat weaved with the wind, and beautiful, sparkling dancers lead the way.

Some even went old skool, doing shapes dancing, "windows, boxes, cardboard box"

This poor lady hurt her ankle (not surprised with those cobblestones!) and millions of men ran to her rescue until some fella said, "I've got the big shiny jacket on, you would ruin the vibe of the festival, I'll take it from here boys!"
After all the festivities, I nearly forgot to celebrate Lammas. I lit a candle for the moon, and sat down and wondered what could I do to celebrate Lammas my own way? So I decided to draw it.

I had a lovely Lammas and a lovely day!
Sunday is flea market day!! (I know I said before I would only buy what I need, but Sunday is flea market day. Its different.)This is becoming the highlight of my week. About fifteen minutes walk up the road from me, a flea market is held and I cant help myself! I get up early, and cloth bags in hand and lots of change,off I go!
I love sand timers! I got it for 50p!
It's a bit grubby in this pic, and I was going to put my aromatherapy oils in these drawers, but I have my cabinets for them. Any suggestions?
My word! I couldn't believe it when I saw this. Really beautiful detailing and for £1.00, it's a bargain!
I saw this little witch and I had to have her.
A very kind lady gave me this bag to put my stuff in. Its a Glastonbury festival bag. Now, I can pretend I actually went! (I could go around saying "Yeah man, it was great,really heavy, I didn't sleep for three days man! Heavy.")

(I have to write a list, or I will forget!)

* 5th August: full moon

* 12th August: Perseid's meter shower! This is apparently the best chance of the year to see shooting stars! I have rarely seen shooting stars in my time, but I have experienced one of these meter showers, and they are amazing! Keep an eye upwards and here's hoping for clear skies! And make a wish!

*20th August: New moon

Well, it's Monday tomorrow again, isn't time flying! Swine Flu is rife around work and I don't think I am going to have any staff tomorrow! Yikes! I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoy the bright nights, for they will soon be gone! I am going to enjoy watching the seasons change and always have my camera with me! Toddle Pip!


Holly said...

Umm, I so want to come and go junking with you! You found some great things and I'm jealous.

Your first Lammas drawing? Beautiful.

Bright Blessings for a smooth week.

Barbara said...

Great Pictures, Claire! So New Orleans-ish! Except for the darling Liverpoolian archetecture, of course. And thanks for the meteor shower heads-up. I saw Haley's comet (oh, I'm so dating myself...) when I was younger, floating on a boat at night. So beautiful! I'll watch for this one, now. Thanks!--Barbara

Cindy said...

What a fun day and then the finds, Oh I ccould so be there with you. Take care. I loved the drawing. cinner

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, the Brazilian Carneval looks like it was fabulous fun! And then to find a gorgeous pagan plaque at a flea market?!? Unreal!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Wow!! What great finds!!

And I LOVE your drawings!!

beth said... hubby is the same way !
not a big talker and often believes his thoughts have somehow magically lodged themselves into and mixed with my thoughts...

what a weekend you had !

the cher comparison...cracked me up !

Rudee said...

What an amazing weekend! I loved all of the photographs, but I think I liked your flea market finds and your own drawings best.

Barry said...

Never heard of Lammas before. Now I seem to be reading about it on blogs everywhere.

I always forget my camera too.

A "cheery" disposition said...

love the coffee grinder

Polly said...

I must find a flea market where I live - I love that sand timer!

Sounds like you had a great weekend, the festival sounds and looks very English - slightly overcast, probably a bit chilly, but a lot of fun anyway!

And I'm very, very envious of where you live - I would do anything to have an ocean view to wake up to!

Lemon said...

wow. this looks like quite the adventure! & i just love your title: 'dancing, drawing and going mad at flea markets' nice blog!

leaca said...

what a fun day you had. I think I would love market sunday.

I loved your comment on my blog today...made me laugh. Yes, I think I would like you if I met you. =]

Dede said...

Thank you for sharing your day with pictures! They are wonderful. You must have a great market, you found some awesome finds. Your drawings are fabulous!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a wonderful post and just a truly magical day. and a much better choice than pubbing with the boys! i would be at that flea market if i was as close as you! great finds!!!

Renee said...

Claire thank you for taking me away for a short while with you on your adventures and purchases.

I absolutely love your two drawings of the moon. You are wonderful.

Love Renee xoxo

Shell said...

Your Lammas drawing is sweet! In your drawers, maybe crystals you have collected or pieces of missing jewelery. So when you open the draw, all these beautiful things are shining at you.