Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I have just be reading my weekly round up of celebrity news (on the web, safe the tree's and all that) and all the troubles celebrities have been getting themselves into.

I was just reading about the latest saga from Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse and how could we forget, Lyndsey Lohan, to name but a few, and thought, "My word, how do they get themselves into these sad, if not embarrassing situations?"

Then it hit me. They are all in their twenties. I can only speak from personal experience. I was so messed up in my twenties. Learning things everyday and not taking notice and paying the major price for it.

I am 29 now and believe it or not, I can't wait for my thirties! I look back and I was so depressed, lazy and not appreciating life as I do now. When I say lazy, I certainly wasn't lazy in a sense of not doing anything, I worked three jobs and was in uni full time, but lazy in not doing anything for my happiness. Easily led by silly people I would take one look at now and say "I don't think so!"

I didn't get into major trouble like addictions and the like (apart from smoking far too much) but just making life extremely hard for myself and burning myself out doing thing others wanted me to do and not what I wanted.I am now learning to say, "Actually, I disagree" and not break out into a guilt ridden sweat. I guess what they say is true, life is a learning curve.

Never mind, just glad I can learn from those mistakes now and learn that bit more everyday. (I will probably write ten years later on my blog "Oh my thirties were awful, I was so messed up............................) See you in ten years I hope!

Now, never mind me, was your twenties as exhausting and tear stained as mine? Or was it the best time of your life?


Rose said...

I am liking my thirties way more than I did my twenties.....

mel said...

I have LOVED my thirties...rapidly approaching my forties now and feelin' pretty good about that too....

My twenties were...shall we say....formative? Not something I'd like to repeat, but I wouldn't go back to change much as they taught me a lot about myself...that's the beauty, (and inconvenience) of hindsight and reflection..*grin*

I think we detox from our controlled and regimented childhoods in our 20's and the degree to which we *mess up* is probably directly proportional..:)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I married when I was 20, had my daughter when I was 23 and my son at 27 so my 20's were a full and wonderful time for me. I'm now mid 30's, and I'm finally feeling like a grown up (well, some of the time anyway). Like you, I'm not afraid to have my own thoughts and express them now and have given up saying and doing what other people want me to just to please them, and it feels great!