Friday, 1 May 2009

I give up

Well, from Wednesday, I have done nothing but try and get comments up! I go to the comment page, click (now furiously) on show comments, changed the layout, as I have heard sometimes that helps, (I even had a pink layout, not my colour) trust me, I have asked blogger help, read all your kind instructions from emails (once again I thank you!), I even asked Jeeves! They all tell me what I am doing, yet nothing. Pah! Never mind, it should resolve its self in some silly way as these thing happen! It is May day! Yeah! I know to was Starshyne productions, dance for 15 minutes today and I did! I got up early (ish) and pumped on the music, I like shuffle, you never know what going to come on next, and danced away to Lady GaGa "Poker Face. Do not know much about the lady herself, but loving the song.
Next Tony Bennett came on "Whooooo cannn Iii turrrnnnn tooooo, whheeenn nobbody nneeds meeeee? Then big fella walked in and invited me to step on his big size 11s and we walzed around the living room! It was really nice, cause me and the big fella don't really do things like that, so it was a lovely morning and I'm glad I did it! So enjoy May day and have a good ole bop around the room, you never know who is going to walk in and join you!


Anonymous said...

YEAH! I think that we have success here!

I also like to shuffle music - I like such a wide range, and it is nice never knowing what is going to pop up next.

LissaL said...

Glad that you got to dance with your "big fella" I shall grab mine when he gets home maybe he will be willing to waltz me around our living room. Glad that your comments are working! Have a great weekend:)