Saturday, 2 May 2009

Google name search - The new tarot?

Just for giggles. I am basically nicking this from a funny blog called "For the love of blog" but I couldn't resist! Basically go to google and type in your name and needs such as Claire needs and press search. I have to say, it is uncanny. Here's my list (I love lists, I actively search for things to list, apart from bills or anything important, I have not got time for all that).

1) Claire needs to visit the bunny planet: In fact I think I already have. It was in Amsterdam, long, long time ago, and I ate this lovely cake...............................any way, they didn't say much.

2) Claire needs a weeeeeeeeeeeeee: (as written) Well, it has been my fifth cup of coffee.

3) Claire needs an intern: This is one of these words that I hear a lot and when mentioned, I just tell myself I know what it means. I don't. No doubt I probably do need it.

4) Claire needs a fashion muse: Like you wouldn't believe. I'm one of these girlies that looks at Angelina Jolie and thinks if I just do her makeup just the same, I will look exactly like her! One word: Drag queen. Don't even start me on fashion.

5) Claire needs booze to kiss: This was taken from a tabloid newspaper (which I buy near everyday and every day by page four, I am sorry I did, but don't worry, learning all the time about Paris Hilton buying 60 pairs of shoes and all that informative "news". One thing, how the hell did they get into my diary entry: "Need a bottle or two for this night!"?

6)Claire needs a middle name: No, I already have one, it's Helen. Fools. Though I do want it to be Pixie Dust

7) Claire needs the hair police: Now, this is where it gets freaky. I have done something really terrible which I was going to refuse to blog about, as the shame is reeking out of me. I cut my hair last night. Badly. that sort of childish, uneven look to it. and my hairs curly. That's the situation and I have to go to a birthday party tonight, but fear not, I sleepily applied out of date fake tan last night, so now now I look like a quite patchy umpa loumpa! Result! I will just swear she said fancy dress and cause a drunken scene and make it into my night and not her birthday. If this rambling doesn't make any sense just look at No. 4.

Claire needs to chill: With this hair?!!?? Not a truer word spoken it would seem. I worry about everything! Like for instance, just about to fall asleep, (you know that feeling...ahhh) so, I have to frighten the life out of myself, big fella and the rest of the building at 1.00am by jumping up and going "Did you blow out that candle?" "Was that the microwave?" (we don't have one) "Can you smell burning?" Did I mention I'm a paranoid drama queen?

9) Claire needs a bum bag: To cover it.

10) Claire needs a bigger calender: I need a life to have a calender silly!

So there you have it! You just got a major insight into my life, via good ole Google. Privacy laws, Bah!


Pamela said...

Oh my! What inspired you to cut your hair? At least the self-tanning stuff should fade in a few days...and maybe you can wear a fashionable hat?

This is a funny idea. I got:

Pamela needs...a sperm donor.
Pamela call it quits.
Pamela needs...your support.

All I can say is that every one I found was related to Pamela Anderson, LOL!

clairedulalune said...

oh Pamela, i am silly when there is a pair of scissors in my hands, it's when I started to put my hair in a plait, I knew was the point of no return. I just got sick of it, actually I might be quite lucky as it is sitting nice today, and I might be alright! The big fella also hasn't noticed, but then again, why would he? hehe!

Unknown said...

This is funny, I should try it! I hope your hair is all right!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! What a great idea!