Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Back logging in blog land

Ok. I admit some of these awards are from ages ago, and I did thank the person, just not on my blog! About time you did, I here you mutter, so without further a do, thank you to the ever wonderful Sarah for my creative blogger award! Find Sarah at http://cottagegardenstudio.blogspot.com. You also can be the proud owner of her enchanting art work through her online store through this link. You will love it! Long over due, but my thanks go out to you Sarah!

Ah, my watermelons! I received this juicy award from Audrey at the blogtastic, http://stage3!whome?.blogspot.com, who also gave me this wonderful mermaid award and everybody knows I love mermaids! Thank you so much! Audrey deserves all the awards ever sent to her and should hog them all for herself! But of course she spreading that little bit of happiness in the land of blogging and I am in awe of this woman. Read her blog, and I promise you, you will be amazed at the strength of her beautiful writing, making you feel like you where right there with her. Never fails!

(As you can see I can upload pictures again, but just as badly, if not worse) I am still on the melon award! I have to pass the award on to six other blogs I love, tagged who you received from, (Mmmmm, just scroll up, just scroll up!) and tell people six things that you love.My family and friends goes without saying really, so here's my top six, but no real order:
  • My amazing apartment and the views: I can STILL not believe my lucky stars. When I was a young girl, I finally got a bedroom of my own! I loved it. It was my place to dream, let on I was a pop singer in my mirror and gaze out my window at the stars at night.I would put on "sounds of the sea" (£3.99 in bargain bins and it repeatably skipped) and I would always have dreams of living by the seaside, a glorious beach hut, the furniture and floors, all wooden and white and a fridge full of never ending food! Fast forward later life, I was struggling to find a home to stay in and how I was going to pay the next bill. These poor times slowly improved with sheer will, good support and a few lucky escapes on the way! I am not out of the woods yet, but as I constantly worried and fretted throughout the years, I didn't look at what I have actually achieved and accomplished and before I knew it, my childhood dream was smack bang in front of me! Alright, it's not all all white and wooden, it's more creams and light blues and a lot of MDF and lilo, but it is by the sea. I still get to stare at the stars but now I can see them reflected on the water and I don't get a creak in my neck like I did because of all of the houses in my road when I was a child! I believe wishes do come true, we have just got to realise it!

  • I love it when I spend ages making a recipe from scratch, put magic and effort into it, just to hear the big fella say it was "bootiful baby" and knowing he means it.

  • I love listening to an old song you have not heard in a long time and find you have fallen in love with it all over again. You just want to hear it again and again for that feeling.

  • The moonrise and the sunset: I am in my element when I can see the moon in the sky. I am fascinated by her and the folklore and history behind it. Some of the sunsets I have seen through my window is truly magical and my camera is stuffed full of these photos! These wonderful gifts are all I need sometimes to put things into prospective.

  • Photographs of my past lives: For the memories, laughter and tears, Photographs reveal more than I care to admit sometimes.

  • Life in general! I am finding more and more that life is full of life learning curves and twists and you need to grow and learn from that and I am starting to look forward to what happens next, simply because I don't know! I find that pretty exciting!

So I am passing this award to:

Joyce at http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com

Tammy at http://witchystiches.blogspot.com

Mel at http://cluttertoshine.blogspot.com


Cindy at http://idreamofhalloween.blogspot.com

Rhannion at http://theblessedbee.blogspot.com

Go have a gander at these insightful blogs! Good blog reading! Thanks again to everyone for all your support in the past couple of weeks and yes, the dust has began to settle! Hope you are all happy and well!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Congrats to you! Love all your points but especially the old photographs...they are so much fin to look at and take in all the memories!

Anonymous said...

Claire, I LOVE your blog - you always make me smile when I read it (and if the story is of your younger sister, I laugh!). Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. And believe me, I feel very much the same way about your writing. I totally love your blog.
Your list if AWESOME! Lots of fun to read. My favorite though is the first one - the message of realizing when you have found your dream is such an important one.

Biggest hugs to you!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Your very welcome my dear and well deserved! Wow I sooo loved your list!! Amazing - funny how the past just sneeks up!! Wonderful blog hon - I love coming here to see you!! Namaste, Sarah

Tammy said...

Claire! I was happily reading your blog from my blog reader and shocked to see my name, lol! You are so sweet to recognize me--thank you for the honor. And how nice to read all those things about you--great post! You are well deserving of a sweet mermaid award!

Hibiscus Moon said...

I love you apartment and amazing views too! Thanks for the award. :)

mel said...

Aw shucks...*blushes*...thanks so much and I am honoured to accept...

I absolutely LOVE your blog...you have a wonderful sense of humour and it shines right through...

~brightest blessings~

mel said...

Um, Claire? I'm not entirely sure what you've given me....I went back over your post and well...call me an eejit but...the mermaid or the watermelons?

clairedulalune said...

Im so sorry guys, it is for the melons award! What am I like? LOL!