Saturday, 25 April 2009


Well, my two weeks of adventure have been abruptly cut short. On Wednesday morning I woke up with the the worst sore throat ever, that no amount of tea would cure. I knew something was not right. When I looked in the mirror, my neck had all swollen out! Ekk! By Thursday I was in bed with a fever and aches and pains all over! Poor! So I have lived off a diet of paracetamol and fluids. Ahh well! The sad thing is, it's my birthday tomorrow! I think I will spend it in bed! Sniffle! Just as well I didn't have anything planned! Hope you are all feeling better than I am! Toodle pip!


Sarah Sullivan said...

So sorry to hear you are ill - yuck!!! Lemon tea and honey! Well Happy Birthday anyway - maybe you will feel better for that!!! Lovely pictures - trying to figure out where you are!! Will go off and look at your profile! I do love the light house pictures - I love them don't know why!! Have a better weekend!! Namaste, Sarah

Hibiscus Moon said...

I there is an "internet" cold going around. ;)

I just got over the same thing myself. Horrbile sore throat. I hope you're over it by now and that it didn't riun your birthday much if at all.