Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I'm growing a indoor herb garden!

I am really happy about this as recently, I have been looking into my childhood and would I loved doing. It was always out in the garden, tracing leaves, planting seeds and making perfume bottles from rose petals! (Now I know where the aromatherapy link comes from too!)
I would love to have my own garden but in the past few years I have been moving from place to place, with no patch to call my own. A allotment! you cry, yes, I have cried as I have been on the waiting for a plot in SEVEN allotments for little over a year now! But now I have the next best thing, which is a south facing flat overlooking the seafront which in a former life must have been a conservatory! So I'm very happy with my lot. ( Although I am starting to run out of room, so it's becoming a jungle!) I have always loved herbs and my old friend Susie taught me from a very young age the basics about herbs, although i will never forget my horror when she took a leaf straight from the stem and ate it! ( I was a very impressionable seven year old at the time i might add!:) I even got clay pots to paint and put them in. This is the first layer, I want them colourful on my window! I will keep you up to date with my herb garden and all it's developments very soon! A good friend of mine recently gave me a flower press and hope to use this with my herbs as well!

We have new flat mates! The big fella an I had a rare day off together and decided to get one fish. Which turned into two. After we set the tank up and put the fish in (correctly and safely!) The big fella wanted more! So now we have four! They sit on the book shelves, ( not near the window, it would be wrong, like in Finding Nemo or something), so I have no access whatsoever to the books I want to read. Ah well, what they fish want the fish get, it would seem, the big fella gotten quite attached, going so far as to moving the settee to be "closer" to them. I kinda like the book backdrop in a weird can't quite my finger on it sort of way!

There is a dual reason for me wanting the fish. I have a collection of plants which, in the past I confess, have been treated in the most unkind way. Amonst other things, such as my peace lily sitting through construction
and plastering and not been dusted for AGES. So I think I owe them something back. So much so that I have been doing research on it and heard that dirty fish water from untreated tanks (no filters) is the holy fountain of youth for plants. Has anyone heard anything about this? I will experiment with it. I will let you know how I am getting on!

These flowers can grow!
I was being noisy around the flower section of the supermarket, and came across these Lilac hycincths bulbs for 50p! What a find! They are growing well and seem to progress so quickly, you think you can see them opening before your eyes. The smell is beautiful and fills the place with it's spring filled scent. I have never been introduced the flowers before and it is already a firm favourite. I will try and force grow them in the winter!

I hope you are all well, Toodle pip!

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Pamela said...

Love the indoor herb garden! This is something I would also love to do, but we don't really have any windows appropriate for it. What herbs are you including?