Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spring Clean

Well it is that time of year! All the sunlight was creeping through the windows and that's when I saw all the dust, grease and grime! Not good! So on Saturday I got up early and spent at least an hour in every room and I am talking taking curtains down and washing and airing them, Cleaning door ways, oil on hinges, the works! I loved it and the sunlight was a lot more inviting through clean windows! It's now Sunday night and we have both managed to make it look messy again! Ah well! Have you been spring cleaning? Do you have any thing you swear by, that you can not clean without? Mine is white vinegar for glass and mirrors! Whats yours?


Hibiscus Moon said...

Well, you wouldn't know it was messy from those lovely photos. What gorgeous views. I need to get going on my Spring cleaning now that my Vernal Equinox ritual is done. Closets is my big project.

When you use the white vinegar for mirrors do you have a favorite cloth you like to use so that you don't get streaks?

clairedulalune said...

Well, just use an old rag to put the solution, but, for the finish, and this is a must, old newspaper! There is something to do with the ink and paper that bring it to a amazing shine! Try it and let me know what you think! Best of luck with the closets! My worst nightmare, i have to put it in my diary to motivate me!