Monday, 5 January 2009

They don't call it the bleak mid winter for nothin!

It is offically cold! But is was also a crisp, blue sky, clear one. Pity i was in work! I made all these plans, such as: go to the park and take some pictures, go get some food in the shops, take a nice walk in the sunshine! I also forgot that in the winter it goes to night time at about four o'clock. So went outside at 4.45pm, ready for my adventure, i was struck by how cold it is, and how dark it is! The one beneifit was a beautiful blooming moon to help me on my way home. Scrapped plans emmediately, and just went home and wrote to everyone. What can you do? Makes me thankful though, that i have a home to go to, so this is with thoughts of people not as fortunate as myself to do this. So be happy everyone, because as my granny used to always tell me, "There is always somebody worse off than you."

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Cyan said...

It's been very cold here, as well (Colorado, USA), and I must admit that I start feeling a bit down as it moves forward from here. I start craving the sunshine.

Your granny's words are wise.