Monday, 12 January 2009


Well, its official, I'm taking the leap into the great unknown and moving in with my wonderful, how he puts up with me, fella. For three years we have been together, so its about that time. Nervous, moi? Alright then, just a tad. But I'm excited as well. I just hope he knows that all my things come with me as well!

Observe the pictures above. This is not even the half of it!
Such as:

a)Tons of books that will go on the shelves which he has absolutely no interest in

b) Tons of artwork that will adorn our walls which he has absolutely no interest in

c) Tons of girl things that he will have absolutely no interest in.

He is bringing a bass guitar and a Star Trek painting (that will look lovely inside the closet.) I will provide the earphones for his bass playing.

Oh kids, this could be a bumpy ride! I'll keep you up to speed. I gotta, for my sanity at least!

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Hibiscus Moon said...

Best of luck to you!